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                                                   The Opera House

                                                       April 10 2016

 For his Toronto debut as a solo artist since leaving black metal institution Immortal, it made sense for Abbath to reclaim the site of his former groups last visit, The Opera House. Touring to support his new band’s recently released tremendous self-titled new album brought Abbath to town as the headliner on Decibel Magazine’s annual multi-artist extreme metal tour.


 While an unseasonable light snow fell outside, the Norwegian front man received anything but a chilly welcome from the packed crowd within. The band took to the stage bathed in dark red lighting while a majestic symphonic intro tape set the scene.

 The band performed an even mix of Immortal standards ("Nebular Ravens Winter", "Solarfall", the title track from 2009's All Shall Fall ) and excellent new material ("Winterbane", "Ashes of the Damned", "Fenrir Hunts"). They even brought out the track "Warriors" from the album Between Two Worlds by the 2002 side project I Abbath has with ex-Gorgoroth bassist TC King (who plays on the new Abbath album but was not touring for some reason).

  If there was any issue with the show it would be the slightly muffled sound, unusual for The Opera House.


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