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   This creepy little flick from 1974 has finally been released on DVD as part of the Warner Brothers Archive Collection. Even though Bad Ronald was a made-for-TV movie it's still tense and disturbing viewing. 

  Scott Jakoby plays the title character, a socially awkward teen who lives alone with his ill mother (Kim Hunter from Planet Of The Apes ). After Ronald accidentally kills a young girl who was taunting him, he and his mom create a hidden room in the old house for him to hide in when the authorities (and a nosey neighboor) come snooping around.​​​​​​​​​ It works until Ronald's mother passes away suddenly and a family including three teen aged girls moves in.
  Ronald's already fragile mental state begins to shatter without any human contact while he secretly spies on the family and sneaks around within the walls of their new home.
     I hadn't seen this movie in over 30 years so was pleasantly surprised that it is as suspense filled and thrilling as it was back then.
   Full disclosure: This movie actually totally scared the shit out of me back then, I made the babysitter call my mother at work to confirm there wasn't strange people living inside the walls of our home.

Didn't believe her for a second!

Robert Lawson 2011​


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