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                                                    Danforth Music Hall 

                                                           Feb 27 2018

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  Laura Pergolizzi is sort of a special artist for me in the sense that she is one of those people who before I heard her, I knew absolutely nothing about (although I would have heard her song "Muddy Waters" in the season for finale of Orange Is The New Black). But the first time I spun her 2016 album Lost On You I knew I had found a fresh, bright new talent.  That doesn't happen too often for me anymore. I just don't have that insatiable need for "new" music that I did for decades. Which makes LP stand out for me even more. 

  So my anticipation for her sold out Danforth Music Hall show was running pretty high and she, and her band, did not disappoint. Although physically a small person, her confident stage presence was huge, actively encouraging crowd participation and filling the venue with her unique but surprisingly powerful voice. She also plays ukulele and whistles quite a bit as well!

The sixteen-song, 75 minute show was an impressive display of tight musicianship and dramatic lighting. 


 Opening with five tracks in a row off of the Lost On You album ( "Strange", "Other People", "Tightrope", "Up Against Me" and "You Want It All") made a clear statement about her faith in the new material.

New song "Girls Going Wild" was introduced as, "something we're working on". The set also included "Levitator", "Tokyo Sunrise" and "Free To Love" all from 2014's Forever For Now album. Things ended up with more from the new album. "No Witness", "Lost On You", "Muddy Waters" and "Into The Wild" were all played plus "When We're High" from the Lost On You deluxe edition.

I'll chalk it up to bad luck that my fave song "Death Valley" was the only Lost On You track not performed!

  After the show, LP gladly talked with fans and seemed thrilled with the positive reception she had received.


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