Dec 11 2013

 Today's update is a 1,700 word article about the early 80's Italian horror films Demons and Demons 2. Read about the various home video versions here.


Sept 2 2013

 Our latest updates include: reviews of the recent e.p. and brand new full length release from AroarA both of which you can find here

  Plus an article about the 1974 film Deranged which is here and finally, the July 26 2013 Kiss concert is reviewed with pics here.


July 18 2013

Whole bunch of updates to tell you about!

A review of the recent Toronto concert by Bob Dylan you can find here.

A 1,550 word article about the movie "MANIAC" movie and it's various home video releases here

And reviews of ROIO releases by Lone Justice and The Waterboys are found here.


<---- "MANIAC" CD soundtrack.​

April 24 2013


 Lots of new stuff going on!

A review of the recent Toronto concert by Lianne La Havas you can find here.

The 3 part section on "KING KONG" movies starts here

Reviews of recent reissues by Marianne Faithfull and Dust are found here.

Finally got the "TROLL HUNTER" review up in the movies section which you can find here.

<---- Illustration courtesy of Toronto Life Magazine.​

March 12 2013


We have a couple of new things up on the site: a review of the recent Toronto concert by R&B vocalist Solange here (with live pics of course) and a 1,360 word piece about one of Miles Davis' most controversial periods which you can find here.

Feb 19/13


   Our contest is done and I'm happy to announce the following music geeks (I mean fans!) who were able to name the most of the artists and CD titles seen at the top of the site.

 Here we go:

   In fourth place with an impressive 45 points is Lee!

   Third and second place saw Ray and Boyd tied with 46 points each and (probably not surprising to those who know him) our winner with a staggering 48 points was Akim!


  Thanks to everyone who entered!


Feb 4/13

  Here's your chance to win one of three terrific prize packs courtesy of our friends at Universal Music Group. 
  Simply email me with as many of the artists and CD titles you can name at the top of the website. Each is worth half a point and there are 58 CDs in total. We're not looking for a perfect score (I don't think that's possible actually!) just as many as you can get.       
  Contest ends at midnight Sunday Feb 17 and we'll announce the winners via email and through the site a couple of days after that.

Good luck!


Jan 24/13

 Big update today as we have a massive 1,720 word piece on the recent 45th anniversary 6 CD super deluxe edition of "THE VELVET UNDERGROUND AND NICO" with lots of background info detailing what what makes this set so different than the many other previous editions (and so essential) . Check it out here

And in case you missed them, recently we added reviews of new music releases by Hank Davis and local Toronto group Old James found here.

Oct 31/12


 To help celebrate Halloween we have a look at the new reissue of one of my favourite films "DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW" found here.

 We also have a detailed look at the newest Doors release "LIVE AT THE BOWL '68" which is great but like most things out of the Doors camp, not without controversy.

Read my thoughts about it here.

<--- PIC: pumpkin carved by RL, VS & NL.

Oct 17/12


The recent news that Toronto's El Mocambo Club was getting set for renovations under new ownership gives us the opportunity to look back at some of the historic live recordings from this hallowed venue.

 Sure groups like The Rolling Stones and April Wine released albums taped there and Stevie Ray Vaughan's DVD from The El Mo is one of the best live concert videos you'll ever see. But for this particular tribute we're going to rediscover four incredible shows not officially released to the general public. Read about stunning El Mo shows by Cheap Trick (1977), Meat Loaf (1978), Elvis Costello (1978) and Little Steven (1983) here at the ROIO area of the site.

<---PIC: a shot of the crowd from the DVD boot of the Guess Who surprise show at the El Mocambo Dec 2000.

Oct 13/12

Check out the MOVIES area where we've  got Parts 3 and 4 done of the shark movies bringing the total number of movies discussed up to 39 which you can find here

Yeah, one more would have made it an even 40 but I didn't want to wait any longer getting these up.

<---Pic: Sacramento State Fair 2001.

Sep 12/12

Finally got the first batch of reviews in the ROIO (or "bootlegs") section.  Click here for a look at some of the best unofficial live recordings featuring Lyle Lovett, Jeff Buckley, Burton Cummings, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Prince and Kiss. 
Got suggestions for future boot reviews?

Leave me a note in the COMMENTS section and I'll see what I can do.

Aug 29/12

 Today we have a brand new review of the recent Bruce Springsteen concert in Toronto (found under LIVE) and there's a review of the two latest Guess Who reissues (under MUSIC) that you may have missed.

Dig in! 

<---Pic: backstage Toronto Aug 24 2012.

Aug 19/12

 If you were into hard rock music in the 70's you probably owned the "DESTROYER" album by Kiss. On the eve of the release of the new "DESTROYER: RESURRECTED"  CD we have a new 1,500 word article examining what the original album was, what the new release is and what a multi-disc "DESTROYER" deluxe edition could (and should) have been.

 Join the excavation here

<--- Pic: summer Winnipeg 1977.​

July 18/12

A few things new this week! 

Review of the brand new 2 CD Donny Hathaway reissue (in MUSIC), concert review with pics of Orgone at Lee's Palace (in LIVE) and finally pics for the Necromandus and Gabor Szabo CD reviews (in MUSIC MISC) .

NOW SPINNING:  Bill Evans "LIVE AT ART D'LUGOFF'S TOP OF THE GATE" an incredible new previously unreleased professionally recorded  2 CD set from 1968. If you're into Bill Evans, this is essential folks.

July 9/12

  New this week: live reviews of recent Toronto shows by Janelle Monae (with some killer photos!) and Roger Waters.  Still working on the first installment of whats going to be a very long piece in the DVD reviews section showcasing one of my ultimate fave movie genres..... 

​NOW PLAYING: Donny Hathaway's two live albums (research for a piece on the upcoming remastered edition).

June 21/12

 Got a few things happening that I have to tell you about. There's a new review of a live Jeff Beck album on the MUSIC page (under JEFF BECK of course).  Also a concert review of the recent Marduk w/ 1349 show on the LIVE page.

 This weekend is the Roger Waters show in Toronto at the Rogers Centre so there will be a review of that coming up (if anyone gets some good pictures at the show please let me know and we'll use them here fully credited of course).

 Next week Bay Area funk band Orgone are playing Lee's Palace which I highly recommend checking out.

Working on a new and lengthy piece for the MOVIES section which will get posted in instalments, first part coming this weekend!

NOW PLAYING:  Return To Forever "THE MOTHERSHIP RETURNS" 2 CD 1 DVD live album, Marduk "SERPENT SERMON" (incredible Black Metal) and Darondo "LISTEN TO MY SONG" (rare Oakland soul).

June 7/12

 Welcome to the launch of this side of the tracks , an independent site of music and movie reviews. This page will let you know about updates to the site and provide links to additions.

   Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments area and to contact me with suggestions and questions. You can also sign up for notifications of updates to the site.

  Enjoy checking out various areas of the site (some still under construction), there will be a lot more content added over the next few weeks.


   Thanks for visiting!