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Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

            Lee's Palace

              Dec 7 2012

  For his first Toronto show in over twenty years, rock legend Ian Hunter wasted no time getting down to business. He opened with "What For"  from his excellant new album When I'm The President then jumped right into "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" prompting a roar of approval from the sold out crowd. "Fatally Flawed" began next with Hunter warning the audience, "If ya don't know 'em, they're new". In fact, Hunter and his five man Rant Band played an impressive total of seven songs from the strong new release. The ramshackle group dusted off a healthy batch of vintage numbers as well. "All The Way From Memphis", "All American Alien Boy", "Just Another Night" and "Sweet Jane" were all played with early Stones-like attitude during the just under two hour show.
    By the end of the night, the sweat drenched audience was noticeably moved by the exemplary performance given by the 73 year old Hunter. The venue was as packed as I have ever seen it and in fact, I have never been at a show anywhere that I personally knew so many people in the audience. On this night, Lee's Palace was like a high school reunion for classic rock fans.
   Let's hope it's not another twenty years until he returns.

RL 2012.

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