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              Lianne La Havas 

                    The Opera House

                           Apr 4  2013


​  British singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas hosted her first headlining show in Toronto at The Opera House, performing her 2012 debut album Is Your Love Big Enough in it's entirety.

   After opening with a solo rendition of "No Room For Doubt" she was joined by her four piece band (bass, keyboards, drums, backing vocalist, La Havas handles the electric guitar duties herself) for an uplifting "Au Cinema" given extra propulsion courtesy of a booming kick drum not heard on the album version.
  In addition to playing all twelve tracks from her album, the set also included the recent b-side "Empty" and a surprise cover of Radiohead's "Weird Fishes-Arpeggi".
   The seventh track of the night "Forget" was bolstered by enthusiastic participation from the sold-out crowd. On songs like "Is Your Love Big Enough" and "Lost & Found" La Havas broke away from the soft vocal tone she uses on the album to fill every corner of the Opera House with the full power of her commanding voice completely unleashed.
   But perhaps the real star of the night was her endearingly charming personality. She was clearly enjoying and flattered by the reverence being paid to her and that genuine humility would have easily won over the audience even if her music wasn't as engaging as it is.
   On this night, La Havas introduced herself as a major talent to watch and Toronto paid attention.

RL 2013.

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