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                    Danforth Music Hall

                           Feb 22   2013

    Any artist who makes their audience wait for an excruciating 3 hours before hitting the stage, had better deliver the goods come showtime. Despite any grumblings heard throughout the sold out Danforth Music Hall crowd, all was forgiven once the R&B multi-threat began her engaging and tight 60 minute set.
  The sound of her four piece band (plus two backing vocalists) was based on Prince's early 80's work. Sparse funk anchored by a steady drum machine beat with bright keyboard notes and bubbling bass guitar.
  Looking confident and completely in control of the stage, Solange performed six of the seven tracks on her new e.p. True plus three songs from 2008's exceptional Sol-Angel And The Hadley St Dreams and even "Crush" from her 2003 debut release.
  The audience, although packed tightly into the venue (the show was original scheduled for the much more intimate Hoxton), responded with screams of approval for "T.O.N.Y." and "Lovers In The Parking Lot". The latest single "Losing You" turned the venue into a massive dance party and in a gesture of bonding with her audience, for the final song "Sandcastle Disco", Solange invited a local up on the stage to dance with her.
She had seen footage of him on Youtube dancing in downtown Toronto to her music.

RL 2013.

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