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Wheatfield Empire:The Listener's Guide to The Guess Who


  Winnipeg's The Guess Who are Canada's original rock n' roll superstars. But despite the band's enduring popularity, no one has assembled a comprehensive history of their recording career...until now. 

   In exquisite detail, that serious fans will appreciate, Wheatfield Empire: The Listener's Guide to The Guess Who goes through the band's evolution, album by album and song by song. Nothing is left out. Wheatfield Empire covers the complete discography, singles chart action, radio broadcasts and even a selection of unofficial live bootlegs. The book also discusses the solo careers of both frontman Burton Cummings and guitarist Randy Bachman.

  Written in clear prose with a touch of humour, the book's encyclopedic detail is supported with excerpts from first-hand interviews with band members and input from top authorities on the Canadian music industry. 

  Looking beyond the radio hits, Wheatfield Empire documents The Guess Who's musical output with the loving attention they deserve as Canada's first band to achieve major international success.

This book is a must-have for any serious Guess Who fan.


"Robert Lawson has done an impressive amount of research in this fascinating analysis of the recording history of Canada's first superstar band. I learned things that even I didn't know before.

A must for Guess Who fans and music history buffs alike. Highly recommended."

John Einarson

Author of Shakin' All Over: The Winnipeg Sixties Rock Scene (1987), American Woman: The Story of the Guess Who (1995), Randy Bachman: Still Takin' Care of Business (2001) and Made in Manitoba: A History of Manitoba Recording Artists (2005).

"Robert has outdone himself this time. Wheatfield Empire will be referred to as “The Guess Who Bible” by all fans of the band. There has never been such an in-depth book on the band’s recorded history before and I doubt there will ever be another that comes close to this. A must own."

Robert Bursey 

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